It's Time You Got the +5 Plan

Welcome to the +5 Protection Plan.  Do you really know how safe the wiring is behind your walls?  Now you can when you use one of our Qualified Electrical contractors and get with the +5 Plan!

About the +5 Plan

No-cost service providing peace of mind to our customer.

The plan is called “+5” because it extends beyond the typical one-year warranty for an additional 5 years. takes the hassle and uncertainties out of finding the right electrical contractor.

Demonstrates that only the best workmanship and materials were used during construction.

Provides a qualified service network for reliable electrical and communications installations.

It is highly unlikely that a problem should arise during the five years of +5 coverage. However, if a problem should occur, most area representatives will have an authorized Qualified Electrical contractor in our network correct the problem at NO cost to you!

To review the details offered through the +5 Plan, that only our select contractors can offer, ask your representative.

Note: Coverage terms and conditions may vary depending on your service area.